What  Is  Marine  Phytoplankton ?

Marine phytoplankton is a single-celled aquatic organism, or microscopic algae upon which the survival of 99% of all life forms on Earth depends. Scientists say it’s more powerful than chlorella, spirulina, acai berries, fish oil, resveratrol and virtually any other “superfood” you’ve ever heard about.


What's  Actually  In  Marine  Phytoplankton ?

This unique micro-algae contains over 65 nutritional properties including all the amino acids and essential fats, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, rare antioxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes and co-enzymes.Due to this rare combination and proportion of elements and nutrients, this strain of marine phytoplankton is highly effective at stimulating cellular regeneration and profound, rapid healing.

What  Makes  Our  Version  Of  Phytoplankton  The  Best  Available ?

Healthy Body Supply uses a special strain of Marine Phytoplankton called Nannochloropsis Gaditana. It is 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. No known food is smaller—and yet, this single cell holds abundant life energy. It has the ability to multiply and proliferate exponentially, producing trillions of healthy cells that maintain and restore human health. Pills and powders can't compare to a true liquid form of Phytoplankton. In liquid form, the Marine Phytoplankton is fully alive, and in its most active powerful state for human consumption.
This makes our 400mg per serving, in liquid form, the best available on the market today.

What  Can  Marine  Phytoplankton  Do  For You ?

Every nutritional attribute of marine phytoplankton—amino acids, essential fatty acids, organic plant minerals, pigments and fresh harvested life energy—are working together synergistically in every cell. The moment you extract something from this single cell, the synergistic qualities are lost. However, when consumed together in their whole form, the nutrients in this strain of marine phytoplankton support remarkable health benefits, including:

- Enhanced Brain Function
- Improved Energy

- Allergy/Asthma Relief

- Improved Heart Function

- Antiviral/Antifungal/Antibacterial Effects

- Improved Immune Function
- Anti-Inflammatory

- Improved Cellular Repair
- Radiation Protection
- Detoxification Support
- Antioxidant Support
- Improved Circulation